The history of CALVERO dates back to 1994 and it is related to the construction of noise barriers. In 2005, we expanded our profile and launched the production of roofing systems, which we have successfully continued until now.
In production, we focus on quality of our products, robust design and timely deliveries. All of the above make our company one of the leading manufacturers of roofing in Poland.
With framework made of aluminium, all our roofing structures are much lighter and easier to install. Each aluminium element is powder-coated, which protects it against weather factors.
We offer two kinds of filling: chamber polycarbonate and acrylic lithium; both being light, stable materials with good light permeability.
We have a quality control system in place for each stage of production. We have Declarations of Utility Properties and 24-month guarantee for all our products.
We offer a range of standard products which meet the demands of our clients. We also make customized roofing, as requested by a customer (according to customer’s instructions).

We cooperate with the largest distributors from Poland, the European Union (Germany, Italy France), and Switzerland. Our partners include also developers, building companies, and smaller companies from the industry.


Cooperation with our company will offer you support of a manufacturer whose brand matters not only in Poland, but also in the whole Europe

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